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360 Degree Panoramic Views


Below are links to 360 degree panoramic views of some hikes I've done.
Everything is in the Flash format except for the very bottom.
There are short descriptions and information about each hike on each page.


Mt. St. Helen Washington, 6/19/02-[99k] fullscreen


Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 12/30/01-[229k] fullscreen


Cloisters-NYC Cloisters-NYC 12/06/01-[456k] fullscreen


El Capitan Open Space PreserveLakeside, CA 03/03/02-[184k] fullscreen
Iron Mountain Poway, CA 11/03/01-[113k] fullscreen
Elfin Forest
Escondido, CA 10/07/01-[104k] fullscreen
Mt. Woodson
Poway, CA 9/15/01-[184k] fullscreen
Agua Tibia Mountain Range
9/09/01-[197k] fullscreen
Anza -Borrego Desert State Park
Palm Canyon view two 7/04/01-[454k] fullscreen
Anza -Borrego Desert State Park
Palm Canyon view one 7/04/01-[354k] fullscreen
Anza -Borrego Desert State Park
Visitor Center 7/04/01-[256k] fullscreen
Torrey Pines view four
7/01/01-[327k] fullscreen
Torrey Pines view three 7/01/01-[235k] fullscreen
Torrey Pines view two 7/01/01-[155k] fullscreen
Torrey Pines view one 7/01/01-[162k] fullscreen
Cowles Moutain Mission Trail Reg. Park. 6/17/01-[203k] fullscreen
Mission Trails Regional Park North Fortuna Mtn. 6/03/01-[190k] fullscreen
Cuyamaca Stonewall Peak 5/27/01-[167k] fullscreen

Wildcat Canyon At Night 4/16/01-[155k] fullscreen
Kennedy Grove 4/12/01-[427k] fullscreen
Sobrante Ridge Botanic Higher View/Sans Sheep4/14/01-[216k] fullscreen
Sobrante Ridge Botanic 4/14/01-[242k] fullscreen
Briones 4/15/01-[176k] fullscreen
Wildcat Canyon 4/11/01-[214k] fullscreen
Point Pinole 3/16/01-[55k]
Mt Diablo 3/29/01-[90k]
Mt Tamalpais 4/05/01-[95k]
Point Pinole 3/16/01-high rez./larger screen-[244k] fullscreen
Mt Diablo 3/29/01-high rez./larger screen-[234k] fullscreen
Mt Tamalpais 4/05/01-high rez./larger screen-[243k] fullscreen

These below were done in Java but do not work in some browsers

Point Pinole java 3/16/01-[55k]
Mt Diablo java 3/29/01-[90k]
Mt Tamalpais java 4/05/01-[109k]
Point Pinole java 3/16/0-high rez./larger screen-[226k]
Mt Diablo java 3/29/01-high rez./larger screen-[235k]
Mt Tamalpais java 4/05/01-high rez./larger screen-[243k]

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